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How to Obtain a Library Card

Library cards may be obtained by filling out applications at the Library. Patrons must be over five years old to receive cards.

Residents within the Tri-Township Public Library District limits pay taxes to support the Library based on the assessed property value of their residences. No additional fees are therefore required from members of such households to obtain library cards. This is true regardless of whether the place of residence is rented or owned. Owners of commercial property within the Tri-Township Public Library District limits who do not reside within the District may obtain one library card for their commercial address.

A government-issued picture ID and proof of current address are required when applying for a library card.  The library will retain a copy of the proof of address.  Some examples include: driver's license (satisfies both requirements), military ID, tax bill, voter's registration card, utility bill, lease agreement, etc. Proof of address should show the applying patron's name and current address. Non-residents owning commercial property in the District must show picture ID and their tax bill.

For Non-residents of the Tri-Township Library District , it will be determined if the Tri-Township Library District is the closest public library to you using guidelines provided by the Illinois State Library. Please contact us at 667-2133 to get additional information about these guidelines. Library privileges may be purchased if the Tri-Township Public Library is the closest library. For cases where the Tri-Township Library District is not the closest public library, assistance will be provided to identify the library where public library privileges may be purchased.

There is an annual fee for library privileges for households outside the District limits. This fee includes card privileges for the entire household. Purchasing a card entitles non-residents to the same privileges enjoyed by residents of the District, including the ability to request interlibrary loans and to use the obtained library cards at other libraries in the Lewis and Clark Library System (LCLS). The current fee is $100.00. The same proof of identity and proof of address requirements must be met as for residents. A copy of the proof of address will be retained by the library.



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