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Fun Activities

Fall Family Programs begin September 8th 
Find It - Every Wednesday something will be hidden in the children's department. Check at the front desk to find what to look for, search in the children's department and when you find it tell someone at the front desk where it was without disturbing it and get a prize.

Family Read Aloud Club. This program is designed for parents to read aloud to their elementary-aged children. Families reading six books aloud together will receive a new free book from the library. Each book read must be at least 80 pages and be checked out from the Tri-Township Public Library. Nonfiction books may be used as long as they lend themselves to being read aloud and are 80 pages or more. Comics, activity books, song books, joke books, and other similar types of books do not qualify. A family may receive up to 3 books a year (having read a total of 18 books). For families with multiple children, only one book per set of six books read will be given per family. Books, after they have been read, should be brought to the Desk for a library staff member to record on your card. To participate in the Family Read-Aloud Club, just stop by the Desk and fill out a family card to get started!