Twyla Juehne


Twyla Juehne, Secretary of Troy Library

As a resident of Troy, Illinois for the past 32 years, Twyla Juehne, mother of three who attended Triad School District, had the pleasure volunteering during her children’s primary years in recreational soccer, as a room mother and bible school educator. Graduating from SIU-E and Washington University School of Medicine, Twyla has pursued a career as a Laboratory Research/Clinical Manager affording her experience in a leadership role requiring skills in communication, budgeting, project management and scientific technologies.

Taking an active role in her community and her lifestyle, Twyla enjoys gardening, attending art festivals, elective educational classes, aerobics, yoga, bicycling and occasional bootcamps. One of the highlights in fitness and volunteering activites was riding alongside her husband of 35 years in the annual MS150.

Serving as part of the Tri-Township Public Library Board will not only give opportunity to help direct library community programs but will keep up the family tradition as father-in-law, Dale Juehne, once served as a library board member. What a pleasure to not only serve but to honor his memory.