Pamela Espindola


Pamela Espindola, Trustee of Troy Library

Hi, my name is Pamela Espindola.  I am the newest member of the Troy library board.  I have been on the board for just a year now and I’m really enjoying it! I have been the volunteer leader for the color group of the adults.  We have been doing this once a month for three years now or we had until COVID struck and put a halt to almost everything.  I have lived in Troy for more than 16 years now.  I can’t believe how time flies by! I have spent many hours at the library and have always been impressed with the programming that this small library offers.  I was thrilled to be asked to serve on the board.

I remember when I was a little girl, my mom would take my sister and myself to the library where we lived on a Saturday and we would get to spend time there and bring books home with us.  My mom has always been a reader and now we read a lot at my house so we make good use of books.  I don’t not read a particular author, I just read what catches my eye and am rarely disappointed.  I also like to garden and cook so books on those subjects are always interesting to me.  Whatever you want to learn or do, there is probably a book or video on the subject and if our library doesn’t have it, we can probably get it from the many other libraries in our system.

Happy 25 years to our library and you are only getting better!