The library provides computers for use at the library on a primarily first come, first serve basis. Computers may be reserved only for the purposes of taking scholastic and professional exams and for library approved computer classes. The library makes no promise of extra quiet or privacy during examinations or classes.

Everyone is allowed a minimum of 1 hour usage. If no one is waiting to use a computer, usage time may be extended.

Users will be courteous to other users. Only one person is allowed per workstation, the only exception being a responsible person with a child under 10. Users will speak quietly to avoid bothering other users. Cell phones should be set to vibrate mode.

Users under the age of 10 must be accompanied by a responsible person age 18 or older.

Users will not attempt:
    - To install new software.
    - To defeat the computer configuration control software.
    - To defeat the filtering by Illinois Century Network. If you receive a screen that says "Web Access Disabled" try another site.
    - To defeat copyright protections for web content and local software content.
    - To download or upload illegal or obscene content.
A first time violation of the above listed items will result in a 30 day suspension of computer use privileges. A second violation will result in permanent suspension of computer use privileges.

Print costs are 15 cents per page for black & white prints, and $0.50 per page for color prints.

Users may request installation of new software or internet plug-ins at the circulation desk.