The Lower Level of the Tri-Township Public Library District building has two rooms available for rent by the general public:

              - a conference room (seating capacity = 10) 
              - a community room (seating capacity = 125).
Library cards are not required for room reservations.

All groups and individuals are subject to a $50 deposit and must sign a rental agreement stating the terms of use in order to hold the reservation.

Rooms may be used free of charge once per calendar year by public non-profit organizations for official functions of the organization.

All other users must pay in advance before signing out a key: $50 for the conference room, $150 for the community room (includes use of the kitchen). Click this link for details: Community Room Rental Form.

The deposit will be refunded subject to inspection of the facility after use and return of the library rental key. Call the library for more information, 667-2133.

Note: An additional fee of $100.00 dollars plus any additional charges incurred by the library will be assessed to the renter if guests activate a false emergency alarm causing emergency agencies to respond to the library.